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Jo Hanstead

Link: www.johanstead.co.uk


Having worked in this field for thirty years, Jo now offers a combined treatment approach, each session being tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Treatment is gentle and suitable for all ages, from birth upwards. All techniques are hands-on, and all in their different ways assist the body to release deeply held tensions, thus releasing the causes of pain and improving well being.

So many people have been told that there is no help available for their back, pain, neck pain etc, but this is rarely the case. These techniques address the whole skeleton and nervous system, and a very wide range of even chronic dis-ease can be gently and safely treated. Most people find relief after their first treatment. A short course of treatment will help to consolidate changes, and Jo suggests an annual 'MOT' for all, to maintain balance and health.

Jo's qualifications include: BSc Physiology & Biochemistry (1978), MSc Biomechanics (1979), DC diploma in Chiropractic (1987), RCST Register of craniosacral therapists (1994), PGCE Post Graduate Certificate of Education (2000). In December 2016 she voluntarily de-registered from the General Chiropractic Council. She is now a member of the Association for Classical Manipulation, and the Craniosacral Therapy Association.


Free 30 minute Spinal Check
This is available at the clinic, whether or not you are in pain.

Jo will take a brief history of your general and medical health, and any current symptoms. There follows a hands on assessment of your spine and pelvis, where you will remain fully clothed. People find a spine check comfortable and informative. There is no obligation to book a further treatment.

A spine check generally includes:

  • brief discussion of any symptoms
  • hands-on check of your spine and pelvis
  • explanation of the effects of any imbalances
  • explanation of possible treatment
  • likely benefit of treatment
  • brief lifestyle advice