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Nasima Mowat

Nasima Mowat

Link: www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

Therapies: Systematic Kinesiologist and Nutritional Advisor

Nasima is a fully qualified practitioner, completing her foundation with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in Bristol, and her diploma with The School of Advanced Kinesiology in London.
In addition, she is a registered professional member of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology and has an IEB accredited certificate in Nutrition and Health.

Kinesiology is a safe, non invasive and holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to detect imbalances within the body. It uses a wide range of gentle, yet powerful techniques to correct, support and balance the body.

Muscle testing is a key component to its success, as this technique will highlight the root of the problem and indicate which areas of health to focus upon.

It is helpful in addressing all aspects of health, including: structure, nutrition, energy and emotion.
As kinesiology is a natural, holistic and effective means of enhancing and maintaining good health and well being, it is not limited to treating specific ailments or complaints; in fact, most conditions can be helped.

Nasima believes, passionately, that healthy eating is an essential and integral part in achieving optimum health and vitality. Through the combination of muscle testing with nutrition, and food sensitivity testing, Nasima is able to devise each of her clients, a personalised nutritional plan; tailor made to meet their needs and goals.

Typically, individual plans will include: nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, exercises, lifestyle changes and more.

Nasima lives in Frome with her partner and their three children.

For more information please contact Nasima, or the receptionists at the clinic.

The Association of Systematic Kinesiologists: www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk