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Zoe Hawes

Zoe Hawes


I am a Medical Herbalist and a Nurse with 20 years of hospital nursing experience. I have worked in many different specialities during this time.

I have completed a 4 year diploma in Phyto-therapy (Herbal Medicine) at the School of Phytotherapy in Sussex. This involved a thorough Medical training, the study of hundreds of medicinal plants: modern and traditional applications, preparation and application and we also learn about orthodox medicines and potential interactions. We must also complete 500 hours of supervised clinical practice.This course is now a BSc.

I am registered with the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (http://www.phytotherapists.org) who are also members of the European Herbal Practitioners Association (http://ehtpa.eu).

I have been practising as a herbalist for 16 years. I have experience in treating a wide range of medical conditions.  I am an NHS trained Cessation of Smoking practitioner and have trained as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. My continuing professional development includes attending regular seminars on Endobiogenic medicine with Dr Jean Claude Lapraz and I am working towards a Diploma in Human Givens psychotherapy.

I have professional indemnity insurance as a Medical Herbalist with Balens insurance company.


I do regular herb walks, talks and teaching about herbal medicine.

I am passionate about local plants for local people and I am self-sufficient in all the raw materials I require to produce all the herbs and tinctures I use in my dispensary. I also have bee hives for beeswax, propolis and honey.

I wrote Herbal Journal Desk Diary for Pomegranate publishing in the US for 5 years and “Wild Drugs” ‘A Foragers Guide to Medicinal Plants’ for Gaia 2010.