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Complementary Therapy works by stimulating the body's own self-healing ability, bringing natural relief, balance and restoration to the body's system.

As we get older, health problems and aches and pains are often trivialised or dismissed as a ' natural' part of the ageing process.

However, with the comprehensive range of treatments we offer and additional advice on healthy living, improvements may be achieved.


Acupuncture is a gentle treatment, recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as safe and effective for arthritic pain, and can be used together with conventional medications. Aimed at treating the whole person, acupuncture can often resolve several health problems by one course of treatment. Many people find acupuncture relaxing and report better sleep and energy levels after treatment.


One in three people over 65 cannot cut their own toe nails; many have very painful conditions which require chiropody treatment. Lack of foot care can lead to loss of mobility and independence, with the risk of serious injury as a result of falls.  Regular safe and professional treatment from a Podiatrist/Chiropodist can change lives.


Low mood, anxiety and depression can be devastating in older people, reducing their quality of life and self esteem. Counselling or psychotherapy can particularly help this age group and is best caught early. The therapist will seek to understand what has brought about the change in mood and may focus on coping with loss, building up self esteem and resilience and strengthening relationships which can help recovery.


There are many senior health issues that could benefit from homeopathic support, such as diabetes, sleep problems, incontinence and lack of appetite, as well as emotional symptoms, specifically affecting some of the older generation such as loneliness, confusion and depression


Working with older members of the community, hypnotherapy can help with relaxation, and help to deal with anxieties and improving general wellbeing. This can be achieved working with individuals as well as groups.


Members of the older generation can always benefit from a gentle ‘body service’.  McTimoney Chiropractic is a safe and comfortable treatment for anyone who suffers from back pain, other aches and pains and is a particularly gentle way of rebalancing the whole body. There are conditions which, if not treated early, may become chronic. McTimoney Chiropractic can positively relieve discomfort from physical disabilities.


Our massage technique is characterised by gentle, calming pressure to help relieve muscular aches, pains and stiff joints, improving flexibility and circulation. Massage helps people to relax, and provides the added benefit of physical contact for those lacking in close contact with others.


Our body needs regular maintenance as it becomes older.  Osteopathy is aimed at identifying and treating the underlying cause of muscle tension, pain and postural changes that occur as people age.  If there is one or more area of tension or strain then the whole body compensates. Consequently more energy is used in simple every day tasks resulting in people often complaining of feeling unduly tired as well as suffering from aches and pains.  Osteopathy helps to reduce the likelihood of problems recurring and aims to improve physical and general wellbeing.


A relaxing foot massage, without having to undress. Wonderful for aches and pains in and around the feet, and in addition can target reflex points to help reduce stress, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system.


Using the touch of palms or fingertips through clothing, Shiatsu can be given in a chair, or in a comfortable position lying on a soft mat and cushions on the floor. The touch of warm gentle hands can be soothing, relaxing and help to ease aches and pains and improve sleep patterns.  Shiatsu is an enjoyable way to maintain optimum health and help towards the prevention of illness.